Cale Tian Photography

Vancouver Portrait & Event Photographer


Hi! I’m Cale Tian (He/Him) and I am a photographer based in Vancouver, BC. I specialize in portraits, lifestyle shoots and events. I’ve always been inspired by people’s stories, experiences, and artistic expressions. As a queer immigrant from China, I’m lucky enough to surround myself with a lot of folks with various cultural backgrounds and have their unique artistic approaches, which definitely inspire me to create a vision of my own.

My favorite part of portrait photography is the sense of collaboration. Being able to meet people, get to know their stories, and make our vision come alive, it’s something that’s very sensitive yet powerful to me. Unlike Willow Pill’s final number, I love people, it’s only natural that I love capturing people.

When I’m not taking photos I’m probably singing with Vancouver Men’s Chorus, performing as Wan Ting Moi somewhere in the city, or sitting in front of my TV screen playing Bayonetta.

Let’s create together, let’s make our vision come to life.



Office Hour

Monday - Saturday

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Photoshoot times vary depends on projects.


268 Keefer St, Suite 303

Vancouver, BC

V6A 1X5